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Today's business environment offers many growth opportunities but is not easily visible due to complexity. There are many opportunities providing win-win situation for both offeror as well as seeker. Such opportunities are categorised and presented in this segment.
There are many types of opportunities available to an enterprise. The enterprise which proposes an opportunity with defined requirement is grouped under "Offer'. Enterprises looking for an opportunity in general are grouped under 'Seek'. Various categories of opportunities are briefly explained hereunder.

Types of Business opportunities

unicopp14 Business opportunities Contract: This opportunity mainly comprises short term or a long term contract for supply of goods and services under defined terms and conditions.

Export & Import: Opportunities in the field of Export & Import are described in this segment. It covers goods as well as services.

Franchise: Franchise Opportunities are given in this segment.

Job Work: Any type of production or processing works by supplying the required materials are covered under this segment. This segment not only covers the finished products but also semi-finished or intermediate products & processes.

Joint Venture: Any opportunity which expects to pool the resources jointly from multiple enterprises to complete the project with joint executions is covered under this segment. Joint venture might be for Projects, Service and even product delivery.

Lease: Leasing of any tangible assets including office, vacant space, factory, equipment, vehicles are covered under this segment.

Marketing: Various opportunities pertaining to marketing, distribution, sales promotion, network building, customer service are grouped under this segment.

Online Services: All the opportunities related to internet or online services are grouped under this segment.

Outsourcing: Outsourcing non core activities of an enterprise to third party mostly results in substantial savings in cost. All such opportunities are showcased under this segment.

Partnership: An enterprises looking for partnership arrangements or willing for stake dilution or willing to sell secondary stake could list such opportunities under this segment.

Services: The entire gamut of business service opportunities in the nature of HR, Procurement, Logistic, Finance, IT, Management, etc are listed under this segment.

Technology: Any technology oriented opportunities such as technical knowhow; R&D could be listed under this segment.

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