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UnicOpp is a market place with global audience for business sellers and brings multiple offers to reach the value that the business deserves. Our mission is to find the right buyer with right value. Our intense research brings up every possible value in your business that could be showcased to the resourceful buyer to close the deal in earliest possible time.

Key Descisions to be Taken before Selling

unicopp12-Sell your business online Timing of sale: The best possible time to sell a business is when the business or the Industry is growing. A business can generate lot of interest among buyers when it fires on all cylinders and the best days are clearly in the future. It is precisely the same period when promoters are half-minded to sell or keep. A promoter should stand by his decision, once he decides to sell a growing business. Factors like market, industry and political scenario have to be kept in mind while putting up a business for sale. Hence, timing is critical in getting a good valuation and completing the sale.

Proper Form: A business which is on a decline needs to be resurrected if it has to fetch a good valuation. The seller should take time to ensure that the financials are in proper shape; else it would take time to sell the business. Outstanding debts can be closed, and statutory liabilities can be paid-off to make financials look better.

Business Potential: A seller should be able to clearly convey the tangible and intangible aspects of business that creates value. It could be cash flows, brands, customer list, patents, copy rights contracts etc. The buyer needs to be convinced that the business can be much bigger than what it is in the current state.

Expected value: A seller should have a floor price in mind before starting the process and compare with market multiples for similar businesses. The seller should be rational with respect to expected price. Overvaluing a business will severely delay the sale process. Also the sellers should be ready with a rationale for the price.

Duration of sale process: A seller should take into account the time that needs to be spent in selling a business. This includes creating visibility for the business and co-coordinating with prospective buyers, negotiations, conclusive agreements etc.

Engagement of Professionals: Seller should seriously consider outsourcing this process to a consultant along with the associated costs. Consultants will manage the right targets, explaining business potential, negotiate on valuation, draft documentation and make it tax-efficient.

Hand-holding period: The buyer would want to establish relationship with staff, customers & suppliers and about six months support from seller may be required. The seller should decide whether such support could be offered, if there is a need.

Stake sale option: A seller should decide whether he is open for Stake Sale where a fixed amount is received up-front for sale of controlling interest and the remaining part is obtained in installments.

Reason for sale: Buyer always expects the reasons for selling the business. Proper & transparent answer will quicken the completion of transaction.

Indemnities: Buyer will also expect many indemnities, warranties, Non-compete clause etc. The seller should decide the extent of offer to such expectations.

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